Better Health for a Better Tomorrow


EP 5 | Ct值30真的安全?

What is Ct value? Does a Ct value of 30 mean we’ve recovered? Can we get reinfected with COVID-19?

EP 4 | 全屋無中但小朋友陽性 是命運或運氣?

全屋大人沒有感染新冠但小朋友檢測呈陽性? 急症室堆滿病人,帶孩子出門看醫生風險更高?小朋友家居隔離有什麼需要注意? 

EP 3 | 快測陽性是否必須申報?

What families can do if a family member got a positive rapid antigen test result in Hong Kong. Should they report it to the Government? What can they do at home to prevent further infection?

EP 2 | 使用快速測試常見問題

How do you help your child do his or her rapid test? What’s the difference between a true and a false positive?

EP 1 | 如何選購快速測試?

The problem on selecting rapid antigen tests, especially amongst the many dozens of different and odd brands available now in Hong Kong.

醒你一招 EP 4 | 有金身就可以安心去旅遊?

醒你一招 EP 3 | 拆解確診後會否擁有金身之謎

醒你一招 EP 2 | 從市面購買的快速測試是否安全?

醒你一招 EP 1 | 疫情清零的兩大黃金時機