What is INDICAID® COVID-19 PCR Test Kit (Deep Throat Saliva) used for?
INDICAID® PCR Test Kit (Deep Throat Saliva) is used to collect, store and transport the deep throat saliva specimen for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA at a COVID-19 testing laboratory.
How to store the specimen?
Use our tube to collect your deep throat saliva specimen.
Any precautions prior to the specimen collection?
  • Do not eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, use oral hygiene product or chew gum 2 hours prior to collection
  • For best results, collect deep throat saliva first thing in the morning
  • Collect deep throat saliva in a well-ventilated location
  • Maintain social distance of at least 2 meters while using the kit
  • Send the specimen within 48 hours after collection
  • Store at 15-30°C. Do not freeze. Avoid direct sunlight
How to collect the specimen?
First, scan the QR code on the kit packaging, and then fill in the necessary information and select the pick-up or drop-off service for specimen submission. Then, collect your specimen according to the instruction guide followed by adding saliva buffer and sealing specimen bag. Lastly, place the sealed specimen bag back into the plastic casing.

Complete Instruction Guide: Download

INDICAIDCOVID-19 PCR Test Kit Instruction Video

Does the sample collection process cause any discomfort?
Deep throat saliva specimen is collected by the user and does not involve any instruments or tools. This sampling is not invasive and does not cause any discomfort or pain to the user.
Is there an age limit for this product?
This product is not intended for use by children under 3 years old, and sampling for users under 18 years old should be operated under the guidance of a parent or guardian.
How to register my testing information?
After purchasing our INDICAID® COVID-19 PCR Test Kit, please scan the QR code on the kit packaging or by visiting this website.
What information do I need to fill in?
Please fill in your name, identification documents (documents required for your destination country / region), contact number, email address, specimen submission method, time and address for pick-up service (if you choose our pick-up service).
How do you handle my personal data?
The personal information you fill in is used for the test report, all information is strictly handled in accordance with the government's privacy policy. Your information will not be leaked or shared with any other organization or individual. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
How to edit the specimen collection time online?
After completing the online registration, you will be contacted by a third-party via phone call to confirm the pick-up time and address.
How to edit my personal information online?
Information cannot be amended after online registration. Should you wish to change your personal information, please dial our customer service hotline at 3700 8888 for further assistance.
How to submit my specimen?
Your specimen can be submitted via the following channels:
  1. Select "pick-up" on the online registration form
  2. Submit the specime in person to INDICAID labTM (Shop 3, Central 88, 88-98 Des Voeux Road Central)
How to select pick-up service?
Select "pick-up" on the online registration form, and choose your pick-up time and address.
How much is the pick-up service?
You need to pay an additional $180 pre address for the pick-up service. Payment can be made directly through the website.
What is the coverage of the pick-up service?
Currently, our pick-up service is not available in outlying island areas.
How to keep my specimen?
After collecting your specimen, follow the instruction guide and store the sealed specimen casing at a 15-30°C environment away from sunlight.
When to submit my specimen?
Specimen should be submitted within 48 hours.
How does INDICAID® COVID-19 PCR Test Kit work?
Our PCR test employs RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription - PCR) laboratory technology to detect the presence of a SARS-CoV-2 specific RNA. Through reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplifying specific DNA targets, RT-PCR has a high sensitivity and provides qualitative detection result for targeted RNA.
How to receive my test report?
The test report will be available within 24 hours after the specimen submission. Exact delivery time may vary. Exceptions apply.

You will receive a download link via SMS or email, through which you can access or download the report.

Is there a printed report?
You can visit our INDICAIDTM lab to get a printed report, or you can print the report yourself.
Are there different language options for the report?
We are currently providing Chinese and English reports.
Is the test report suitable for departure?
As entry requirements to each country may change, customers should be aware of the latest entry regulations of their destination to ensure a valid testing method is selected.
How long is the report valid for?
The validity period of the report depends on the entry requirements of different countries and regions.
Is the test report government-recognized?
Our PCR tests and reports are provided by a government recognized COVID-19 testing lab.
Is the result accurate?
The PCR test accuracy is higher than 99%.
How am I notified if I test positive? What's next?
If a positive case is detected, our doctor will contact you and submit the test result to the Department of Health. You will receive a phone call after a double-confirmation is made from the Department of Health.