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After your self-test, book a doctor consultation with INDICAID Care and enjoy medication delivery service. Receive your treatment quicker than ever!

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INDICAID Care 預約醫生診症及治療收費

3 Simple Steps



Who is eligible for INDICAID Care?
All users of INDICAID rapid tests who hold a valid ID card or any other valid identification documents (incl. both Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents) are eligible for INDICAID Care. However, only those who are aged 18 or above are allowed to use online consultation service.
How to register INDICAID Care?
You can click here to register INDICAID Care with a valid phone number or email address to book a doctor appointment. After verifying with a one-time password (OTP), you can then enjoy our INDICAID Care service.
What kinds of doctor appointments can I make?
INDICAID Care offers online reservation for online and in-clinic doctor consultation within our network doctors. On the day of appointment, you can log in to your INDICAID Care account to start your online consultation, or visit your selected clinic to reduce waiting time.
What should I prepare prior to my consultation?
Online Consultation In-Clinic Visit
1. Please log in to your account 5 minutes before the scheduled time to join the online consultation. Joining the consultation outside of the scheduled time slot is regarded as cancellation. 1. Please arrive at the selected clinic on time, late arrival maybe regarded as cancellation subject to the clinic’s decision.
2. Prepare the following documents
  • HKID/Passport
  • Checklist for medication allergies (if necessary)
  • Relevant medical records (if necessary)
2. Bring the following documents
  • HKID/Passport
  • Appointment confirmation email/SMS
  • Checklist for medication allergies (if necessary)
  • Relevant medical records (if necessary)
3. Set up your microphone and video camera, and connect your device to a stable network