INDICAID™ Rapid Antigen COVID-19/FLU A&B Test

INDICAID™ COVID-19/FLU A&B Rapid Antigen Test

Testing method: Self-test
$200.00 HKD
Specifications: 1-kit
  1. 優惠期至2023年2月28日,數量有限,售完即止
  2. 只適用於購買新冠病毒/甲型及⼄型流感快速抗原檢測試劑盒(1件裝)
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Despite the common symptoms between COVID-19 and flu A&B, different treatments are required. INDICAID can quickly detect 3 viruses with 1 test, providing you with accurate results for timely treatment.


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Detect 3 viruses at once
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Differentiate among Coronavirus, Flu A&B viruses
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Results in 15 minutes
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99% Accuracy1
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Painless shallow nasal swab
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Suitable for 2+ years old2
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For symptomatic & asymptomatic individuals
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Developed in Hong Kong
1 99% Accuracy
- COVID-19: Sensitivity 94.7%、Specificity 100%
- Flu A/B: Sensitivity 85.7%*、Specificity 100%
*Prospective clinical study pending for Flu B

2 Suitable for 2+ years old
- Swabbing should be performed by an adult for children aged 2 to 13. Users must be aged 14+ to use COVID-19/FLU A&B test kit unsupervised

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Similar Symptoms with Different Treatments

COVID-19 and flu A&B all share similar symptoms, incl. fever, chills, cough, cough, sore throat and runny nose etc. However, you should undergo different medical treatments for respective illness.

Flu A&B

Mild Symptoms

Take adequate rest and drink plenty of water

Serious/Persistent Symptoms

Seek medical advice promptly.

流感併發症的高危患者 (incl. children, ages 50+ and chronically ill patients)

Take antiviral medicines prescribed by doctors in the first 48 hours of flu-like symptoms


No/Mild Sypmtoms

Home isolation or enter isolation facilities

Serious Symptoms

Hospitalized for treatments

Suitable for


Immunocompromised individuals


People exposed in high-risk areas (e.g. schools & hospitals)


尋找測試棒上 ‘C’(對照)、‘A’(甲型流感)、‘B’(⼄型流感)和 ‘CoV’(新冠病毒)旁邊的指⽰線

Look closely!


Make sure there is a line next to the ‘C’!
若在 ‘C’ 旁沒有出現任何線,表⽰測試無效。

只有 'C' 線

Take these next steps:
  • 若你出現感染徵狀,或徵狀變得嚴重,請⽴即求醫。
  • 如果你曾接觸已知或疑似的感染個案但沒有任何徵狀,建議你進行 PCR 測試以確認你的陰性結果。

'C' 線及任何一條 'A'、'B' 或 'CoV' 線

Look closely!

若能⾒到 ‘C’ 線,而 ‘A’、‘B’ 或 ‘CoV’ 旁出現的任何微弱線均被視為陽性結果。

Take these next steps:
  • Consult your healthcare provider to discuss your positive test result
  • Self-isolate at home per Department of Health’s recommendations to stop spreading the virus to others

沒有 ‘C’ 線

Look closely!

若 ‘C’ 旁邊沒有指⽰線,則無論 ‘A’、‘B’,或 ‘CoV’ 旁是否有指⽰線,結果均屬無效。

Take these next steps:
  • 請⽤新的三合一快速抗原檢測試劑盒重新採樣及測試。
  • 若你出現感染徵狀或徵狀變得嚴重,請⽴即求醫。


Who should use this rapid COVID-19/FLU A&B test?
  • Immunocompromised people incl. children, elderly and chronically ill patients
  • People with relevant epidemiological or contact history with those who are suspected or have been infected with COVID-19
  • People who have recently travelled to communities, shopping malls or other places related to a COVID-19 outbreak
  • Frontline staff who are in frequent contact with customers
  • People who frequently use mass public transportation
  • People who attend large gatherings, visit communities or venues with a high population density
Who should perform the swabbing process? Can children be tested?
People aged 2 or above are eligible for the COVID-19/FLU A&B test. Swabbing should be performed by an adult for children aged 2 to 13.
What should be done when coinfected with more than 1 viruses?
Co-infection with SARS-CoV-2, flu A&B is rare. If results are positive for more than one test lines, the sample should be retested with new COVID-19/FLU A&B test kit. Report all results obtained from this test kit to your healthcare provider.