Find Peace of Mind!

INDICAID®妥析® is the rapid point-of-care testing brand under PHASE Scientific. We believe everyone deserves Peace of Mind. INDICAID® is our vision to help you understand your health simply, quickly and accurately, allowing you to focus on things in life that matter. Using patented technology, INDICAID® bring home sophisticated tests that would otherwise require in a laboratory, so that people who care about their families and their health can quickly understand their health at an affordable price, anytime, anywhere.

Innovations & R&D

PHASE Scientific has developed a global breakthrough sample preparation technology, offering a cost-effective way which can quickly target substances within the test samples, improving the effectiveness of scientific research, clinical testing and diagnosis.




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PHASE Scientific


As the No.1 biotech company in Hong Kong with regional offices in mainland

China and the US, we provide novel diagnostic tools and services for cancer and infectious diseases.