PCR test is eligible for:
Those who hold a valid ID card, birth certificate, or any other valid identification documents (including both Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents), and have no serious symptoms (Please refer to the questions below to see what serious symptoms are not suitable for PCR test).
How does PCR test work?
Our PCR test employs RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription - PCR) laboratory technology to detect the presence of a SARS-CoV-2 specific RNA. Through reverse transcription of RNA into DNA and amplifying specific DNA targets, RT-PCR has a high sensitivity and provides qualitative detection result for targeted RNA.
What type of specimen does PCR test use?
There are two sample collection methods:
  • Deep throat saliva
  • Nasal and throat swabs
Note: Please choose appropriate sampling method according to your own testing needs
Note 2: Toddlers are suitable for nasal & throat swabs, eligibility for the test is subject to on-site medical professional judgement
How to collect the specimen?
Our testing service employs professional medical staff to help collect your test specimen. The whole collection process takes only 2-3 minutes.
Can pregnant women, children and toddlers be tested?
Pregnant women can be tested. The test will not bring any harm to the body and the pregnancy will not affect our test results.
Can I be tested if I am unwell?
INDICAID labTM's testing services are not intended for individuals who are suffering from a cold, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or other severe symptoms, including severe fever, constant chest pain or pressure, severe cough, severe shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, constant light-headedness or serious disorientation. For those who are suffering from any of these symptoms, we recommend using the INDICAID® COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test kit or seek medical advice from your healthcare provider.
Any precautions prior to the test?
Preparations vary depending on the sampling method:

Deep Throat Saliva Sample Collection
Please do not eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, use oral hygiene product or chew gum 2 hours prior to collection

Nasal and Throat Swabs Sample Collection
Please avoid using nasal spray within 10 hours before your appointment

Who should not use nasal and throat swab specimens for testing?
People who have undergone nasal cavity surgery are not suitable to get tested using nasal and throat swabs specimens.
What is PCR test report used for?
PCR test reports are suitable for:
  • Persons subject to compulsory testing
  • Quarantine-free travel to mainland China
  • Outbound (business, study, travel etc.)
  • Cruise travel
  • Pre-departure and post-arrival tests (Return2hk/Come2hk scheme)
  • "Hong Kong Health Code" Application
  • Infection check
  • Proof for large-scale events
  • Certificate for work
How can I book a test?
You may visit our website at indicaidlab.comto make your next booking (only online booking is accepted).
How much is the test?
Click here for the latest rates.
Is the test report government-recognized?
Our PCR tests and reports are provided by a government recognized COVID-19 testing lab.
How to receive my PCR test report?
You will receive a SMS and email notification when your result is ready. You can login to your INDICAID lab™ account to view your result.
  • Standard: Test report within 24 hours
  • Express: Test report available at 6pm on the day of test (for samples submitted before noon)
How is PCR test different from rapid antigen test?
PCR test reports can be used for wider applications and is suitable for entry into most countries. However, more time is required to issue a test report, usually within 24 hours after specimen collection (same day test report can be provided if express service is selected); rapid antigen test reports are only used for entry into ~20 countries incl. U.S. and Europe, but less time is required to issue a test report, usually within 30 minutes.
Any discounts for group orders (e.g. company orders or group testing)?
We accept group orders for corporate customers. Please dial our customer service hotline at 3700 8888 or send an email to care@indicaidlab.com to learn more about our latest offers.
Any door-to-door testing services?
We provide door-to-door COVID-19 testing services, with professional medical staff to help our customers collect test specimens. Please dial our customer service hotline at 3700 8888 or send an email to care@indicaidlab.com to learn more about this service.

Besides, we also provide an online supervised rapid antigen test that enables you to do your rapid antigen test at the comfort of your own home, virtually supervised by our trained professional and receive online test report 1 hour after completing the test. Click here to learn more.