【Community Testing】Why Should We Report Positive Result



政府公佈將於明天起實行全民快速測試,以盡快切斷傳播鏈,務求於4月21日起逐步放寬社交距離措施。 大家可能有不同的疑問,即睇有關全民快測的相關問題:

What is the period for community testing?

The whole community is encouraged to do a RAT for three days in a row from April 8 to 10.

How Does Community Testing Work?

The government began distributing anti-epidemic service bags to all households across the city from April 2, which include 20 RAT kits, 20 KN95 masks and 2 boxes of proprietary Chinese medicine. The public is suggested to make use of the RAT kits inside the service bags, and do a RAT for three days in a row from April 8 to 10. It is proposed that testing in the morning can provide a more accurate result.

What Should I Do If I Have Not Received The Anti-Epidemic Service Bags?

If you have not received any anti-epidemic service bags that the government began distribution from April 2, you can collect the service bags from the designated distribution points across 18 districts.

Is This Community Testing The Same As The Compulsory Universal Testing?

This community testing is a voluntary testing exercise and is not equivalent to the Compulsory Universal Testing. Lockdown will not be implemented during this period.

Why Should We Report Positive Test Results?

  • To receive medical treatment and isolation arrangement ASAP, in order to protect yourself and your family
  • Since recovered patients who did not report their positive test results previously are still subject to compulsory testing if a compulsory testing order is issued, they might have to be transferred to isolation facilities if their PCR test results are positive during compulsory testing. Therefore, you are suggested to report your positive test result to avoid the aforementioned situation

If your RAT result is positive, please report to the government online declaration system within 24 hours: https://www.chp.gov.hk/ratp/


- If you have recovered, finished isolation and obtained negative RAT results, you do not need to take another nucleic acid test or undergo compulsory testing within three months after recovery

- Recovered patients who did not report their positive test results previously are still subject to compulsory testing. However, for some of them, viral genome fragments in the body may present in nucleic acid tests; whereas their infectiousness is basically much reduced already. Therefore, if they do not report their test results, they might be subject to another isolation.

Will There Be Lockdown During The Period Of Community Testing?

No lockdown will be implemented during the period.

How Do I Use The RAT Correctly?

According to the latest guidelines from the CHP, you are recommended to take sample in the morning if you are using a RAT that requires nasal swab samples. You can gently blow your nose before collecting your sample so that your swab samples can provide a more accurate result, followed by rubbing the swab against the wall of both your nostrils for at least 10 times. However, too much mucus may reduce the test accuracy. Besides, you should tilt your head back while collecting samples. For more details, please refer to the instruction of your choice of RAT.

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