【StayHomeSafe Scheme】 What Should Close Contacts Do? [Updated on Aug 1]



StayHomeSafe Scheme assesses persons who need to undergo quarantine based on their dwelling place suitability for quarantine, the risk level of persons confining at the same place, and their individual physical conditions,in arranging close contacts to undergo home quarantine for 14, find out more below.

Who are close contacts?

Close contacts refer to persons who live with the confirmed case in the same household; or persons who have had face-to-face close contacts with the confirmed case (especially when the confirmed case did not wear a mask e.g. having meals together). Tracing period as follows:

Close Contacts with Symptomatic CaseClose Contacts with Asymptomatic Case
 2 days before symptom onset date 2 days before the date of collection of specimen
You can contact the Hospital Authority hotline at 1836 115 for medical information and infection control advice (operate daily from 8am to 10pm), or use point-to-point transport / designated taxis to the below 下列7間指定診所for appropriate treatment請緊急致電999,盡快安排救護車入院

Criteria for Early Discharge from Isolation and Home Quarantine

During the 14-day home quarantine period, you should measure your body temperature twice daily, and undergo rapid antigen tests according to the timeline below, and take a photo immediately after reading the test to record your test result.

Received at least 2 doses of vaccines
Received 0 or 1 dose of vaccine
Undergo RAT on Day 1, 3, 7, and 14 of the quarantine periodUndergo RAT on Day 1, 3, 7, and 14 of the quarantine period
You can undergo RATs on Day 6 and 7 or any 2 consecutive days after Day 7, if both results are negative, you may be considered as recovered and continue with your daily activities on the second day.You should undergo a RAT on Day 14, you are considered as recovered only after obtaining a negative result.

Close contacts who are under 3 years old are required to undergo RAT on Day 1 and Day 7.

When is "Day 1"?

你的家居檢疫期第1天,是你同住感染人士接受檢測、或接收陽性樣本翌日; 如該感染人士無此紀錄,則以收到檢測結果通知當日為第1天。

If close contacts who have received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccines find more household member(s) tested positive during the home quarantine period, these close contacts should count the day following testing or collection of sample of the last person tested positive at home as Day 1 for the purpose of conducting RATs.

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Home quarantine principles

Self-arrange daily necessities (delivery allowed)

Persons under home quarantine are required to make their own arrangements for basic daily necessities or food, such as by friends and relatives or ordering online. Persons delivering these items should leave them at the door, use contactless payment methods and are not allowed to enter the home. Having face-to-face contact should also be avoided . You can call "StayHomeSafe" Scheme Hotline if you are not able to arrange daily necessities.

3 situations to leave place of quarantine

  • Dispose of garbage
  • Head to Community Testing Centers for PCR test
  • For any other activities as agreed by the Department of Health
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PCR tests from INDICAID lab are suitable for all ages (for children under 3 years old). For samples submitted before noon, government recognised reports are provided by 6pm on the same day.

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What to do when I feel unwell during the period?

Persons under home quarantine should conduct RAT on their own on specified dates, and take a photo immediately after reading the RAT result. If the result is positive, contact StayHomeSafe Hotline at 1833 019 immediately.

If you have fever higher than 38℃ or develop other severe symptoms, incl. shortness of breath, palpitations or chest pain, you may have contracted COVID-19. Please contact the hotline to report your health condition for assessment and further hospital admission arrangement. In case of emergency, please call 999.


  • Stay in their dwelling place and wear an electronic wristband
  • Taking body temperature twice a day
  • If you have a smartphone, download "StayHomeSafe" mobile appclick here to download and learn more
  • Record the health monitoring information and test results in the “Medical Surveillance Form for Home Quarantine”
  • Follow other home quarantine guidelines issued by the DH

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