【Rapid Antigen Test】7 Criteria You Can't Miss


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The market is now awash with different kinds of rapid antigen test kits due to the most recent wave of pandemic in Hong Kong. It is understandable that all the medical terms printed on the test kit packages would deter customers from comprehending its features. Therefore, we have listed out the 7 most important criteria that you cannot miss before selecting your rapid antigen test kits.

HK Government Recognition

Apart from indicating your infection status, rapid antigen test kits can as well provide a negative test result for entry into various venues and occasions. It is crucial to understand whether the test kit result is recognized by the HK government or relevant organizations; for instance, specific visitors are required to present a negative PCR / rapid antigen test result before visiting public hospitals and residential care homes for the elderly. Besides, the government has been using rapid antigen tests for community testing, as well as distributing rapid test kits to residents of high infection risk areas (including areas of silent transmission chain and positive sewage testing results) to enhance testing efficiency.

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Global Recognition

Manufacturing and selling medical products usually require the approval from authorities, while the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CE certification of the European Commission are some of the most recognized standards across the globe. EUA is only granted by the FDA in case of possible threat against public health including infectious disease.

Higher Sensitivity and Specificity

Customers should check the “sensitivity” (true positive rate) and “specificity” (true negative rate) of the test kit if they are concerned with its effectiveness and accuracy. :

According to the WHO interim guidance, 80% sensitivity and 97% specificity. Generally, it is recommended to use a test kit that has a higher sensitivity and specificity level.

Detection of Virus Variants

The detectability of virus variants is at utmost importance concerning the constantly changing virus, especially the highly transmissible Omicron variant, so as to provide a more comprehensive result for the users.

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Detection of Asymptomatic Infected Individuals

In addition to checking your infection status when you are unwell, many users also get tested regularly with rapid test kits to ensure that he or she is not an invisible virus carrier, in order not to unintentionally spread the virus to others. Besides, the viral load of asymptomatic patients are usually lower than the symptomatic ones, test kits that are able to detect the asymptomatic patients are generally more accurate in other words.

Ease of Use

What matters most to users is the whether the test kit is easy to use. Many of the test kits only require simple steps and do not require electronic equipment or facilities, which allow you to get tested anywhere anytime and get intuitive results within 20 minutes.

Reasonable Price

The price of test kits in local market ranges from $100 to $1000. Customers are recommended to also consider your own testing needs, product quality as well as the aforementioned criteria, in order to find the best rapid test kits that can fulfil all your needs.

INDICAID®INDICAID®Rapid Antigen Test Can Fulfil All 7 Criteria

INDICAID®INDICAID®is currently the best selling rapid testing brand in Hong Kong#and can satisfy all the above 7 criteria.


Global Recognition

The first COVID-19 product in Greater China that has obtained FDA EUA and CE mark

HK Government Recognition

HK Government designated brand, government-designated rapid antigen test for hospitals and nursing homes visit, regular testing products for all frontline staff of Hospital Authority

High Sensitivity and Specificity

Sensitivity 96%
Specificity >99%

Detect Virus Variants

INDICAID®INDICAID®has tested against the recombinant N protein from COVID variants and they were found to be detectable

Detect Asymptomatic Infected Individuals

Indicated by FDA EUA

Easy to Use

Anterior nasal swab, no special equipment or facilities needed, intuitive results in 20 minutes

Reasonable Price


#Data from Watsons’s sales statistics (Jan-Dec 2021)

*Specific variants include Alpha (B.1.1.7), Beta (B.1.351), Delta (B.1.617.2), Epsilon (B.1.2), Zeta (B.1.1.28), and Omicron (B.1.1.529)


INDICAID Rapid Antigen Test - Letter of Authorization (FDA, 2021)