Product Information

甚麼是 INDICAID™妥析™ HPV 尿液樣本測試?

INDICAID HPV Urine Test is an accurate, private and easy-to-use cervical cancer screening test that detects the presence of HPV. Empowered by the patented PHASiFY technology for urine DNA concentration and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), the test can detect 27 types of HPV (14 high-risk HPVs and 13 low-risk HPVs) in urine samples, providing you a more efficient, convenient and comprehensive analysis of your cervical cancer risk.

可以檢測到哪幾種 HPV 病毒?

NDICAID HPV Urine Test can detect 27 types of HPV, including:

  • 14 high-risk HPVs:16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68
  • 13 種低風險 HPV 病毒:6, 11, 26, 30, 34, 53, 67, 69, 70, 73, 82, 85, 97
    Over 90% of the genital warts are associated with HPV-6 and HPV-11 infection2, which usually appear on the prepuce, glans of the penis, urethral opening, anus, vulva, labia, vagina or cervix3; while other low-risk HPVs are classified as Group 2A and 2B carcinogens - probably and possibly carcinogenic to humans4

Self-collected urine sample is required for the test.


Clinical comparison with HPV cervical / penile swab test results demonstrates the accuracy of INDICAID HPV Urine test has an overall agreement of 98.9%


INDICAID™ HPV Urine Test and Pap smear test are two different technologies.

INDICAID™ HPV Urine Test detects the HPV virus DNA from users’ urine sample; whereas Pap smear test detects precancerous lesion through examination on the collected cervical cells under a microscope performed by laboratory technicians.

篩查的次序可以由 HPV DNA 檢測開始,如檢測出 HPV 病毒,可以再透過柏氏抺片檢查已知的病毒是否出現細胞病變。

是否適用於檢測口腔、咽喉或其他部位的 HPV 病毒?

INDICAID™ HPV Urine Test is designed to detect HPV virus DNA from urine sample rather than mouth, throat or other areas. Should you wish to test for HPV from other areas, please seek professional medical advice.

Test Eligibility


Regular HPV tests are recommended for the following groups that are prone to higher risk of HPV infection, including: early first sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, active sex life, unsafe life, regular smokers, chronic immunosuppression, use of contraceptive pills, pregnant / postpartum women5.


It is suitable for both men and women. It is reported that 80% of men and women will acquire HPV in their lifetime, everyone can transmit HPV to their partners. Therefore, it is recommended to get tested for HPV regularly to protect yourself and your partner6

部分市場上的 HPV 測試產品要求自行於陰道內採樣,因此只適合女士使用。INDICAID™妥析™ HPV 尿液樣本測試是透過尿液樣本來檢測用家是否存有 HPV DNA,因此沒有性別限制,男女同時適用。


Women should avoid collecting urine sample for the test during menstruation as excessive impurities might affect test result.


Yes, pregnant women can use the test.


Yes, all users must be aged 18 or above.




No. The test is only applicable to humans at the moment.

How to Use


Activate your kit online

  1. 掃描您的專屬二維碼
  2. 填寫線上表格
  3. Choose your sample submission method
Collect your urine sample
  1. 採集排尿的首段 90-100亳升尿液樣本於採樣瓶內
  2. 將保存液倒入已載有尿液的採樣瓶中
  3. Re-cap tightly the filled urine collection bottle. Gently invert 3-5 times to mix the urine with the preservative
Pack & return your sample
  1. 填寫樣本標貼並張貼在已裝滿尿液的採樣瓶上
  2. 將採樣瓶放入樣本袋中並將其密封
  3. 將封好的樣本袋放入外包裝袋中並將其密封
  4. 必須於採樣後24小時內根據已選擇的樣本遞交方式遞交樣本

No, you can maintain normal sex life before the test.


Yes, but please avoid drinking excessive fluid prior to urine collection.


You should store the sample between 15-30°C and avoid sunlight.

Pack & return your sample


After scanning your unique QR code, you can choose your sample submission method via the online form, including sample pick-up / drop-off.


Please ensure your urine sample is returned and packed correctly, otherwise your submitted sample will not be processed and no refund will be granted:

  • 掃瞄您的二維碼,填妥線上表格和選擇樣本遞交方式
  • 已將保存液倒入已載有尿液的採樣瓶中
  • 已填寫樣本標貼並張貼在採樣瓶上
  • Had your sample picked up / dropped off on or before the expiry date listed on the test kit
  • 可以到哪裡自行提交樣本?

    您可以於採樣後 24 小時內遞交樣本至以下地點:

  • 盈健健柏健康管理中心:九龍梳士巴利道3號星光行1樓102B 號舖
  • 盈健綜合醫務中心(港鐵九龍站):港鐵九龍站L2層85號
  • 盈健綜合醫務中心(大圍站):新界港鐵大圍站3號地舖
  • 盈健綜合醫務中心(港鐵元朗站):新界港鐵元朗站地下20-21號舖 (港鐵站G1出口)
  • 晉上醫療體檢中心:九龍旺角彌敦道678號華僑商業中心14樓B室
  • Causeway Bay - Kinetics Integrated Medical & Health Centre, Room 1709, 17/F, East Point Centre (Old Wing), 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, HK
  • Remember to click on the link from your sample collection confirmation SMS, and scan the QR code on the sample collection box to confirm your sample submission.


    Pick-up service is currently unavailable for remote areas. You can choose to drop off your sample to our drop-off points.


    Should you wish to change your arrangement for sample pick-up, please contact our customer service at 3700 8888.

    Receive Report


    Test report will be available via email & SMS


    Test report will be available within 5 working days (from the date of sample submission).


    Your sample will be processed at the PHASE LAB.

    What's Next?


    如檢測出高風險 HPV 病毒,我們會主動與您聯絡並提供一次免費柏氏抹片檢查(只適用於女性),讓您進一步了解子宮頸細胞有否出現變異。


    1. 只適用於測出高風險 HPV 病毒的女性
    2. 只提供一次免費柏氏抹片檢查
    3. 為保障孕婦健康,如懷孕期間測出高風險 HPV 病毒,建議自行尋求婦科醫生意見了解進行柏氏抹片檢查的風險

      如果決定使用由我們提供的免費柏氏抹片檢查,我們會轉介您至婦科醫生進行檢查 (需自行繳付其他醫療費用如診金及藥費)

    4. 只包括柏氏抹片檢查費用,不包括因個別情況而產生之其他醫療費用如診金或藥費
    5. 須於 HPV 測試報告發出日期起計 30 天內完成檢查
    6. In case of any dispute, INDICAID reserves the right of final decision
    測出高風險 HPV 病毒陽性應怎樣做?

    如檢測出高風險 HPV 病毒,請向醫生尋求後續跟進,建議更頻密進行 HPV 檢測以作持續監察。


    The offer is only valid within 30 days after issuance of the HPV test report (other medical expenses arising from individual circumstances are not included).

    測出低風險 HPV 病毒陽性應怎樣做?

    如檢測出低風險 HPV 病毒,請向醫生尋求後續跟進,建議更頻密進行 HPV 檢測以作持續監察。

    You should also pay attention to your body condition. If you suspect you have genital warts, or experience any swelling, bleeding, pain or other discomfort, seek medical advice promptly.

    測出 HPV 病毒陰性應怎樣做?

    Routine HPV screening tests for cervical cancer should be done. If you experience any swelling, bleeding, pain or other discomfort, seek medical advice promptly.


    Please contact our customer service at 3700 8888 for a receipt.