【Rapid Antigen Test】APP That Manages Your Test Results


【快速測試】INDICAID APP 簡易管理您的快速測試結果(適合個人及公司/團體使用)

In light of the relaxed social distancing measures, students and most workers are required to present a negative rapid test results before going to schools and workplace in order to avoid another outbreak of virus. Meanwhile, others are also used to regular testing to enjoy an extra sense of security. INDICAID is now launching a brand new INDICAID APP for you to manage the test results for yourselves, your families and staff at once!

INDICAID APP 輕鬆管理所有檢測結果,適用於個人及公司/團體用途,立即了解詳情及下載

INDICAID APP Dedicated Platform for Corporates –
Manage All Users’ Tests Results At Once

Education institutions are one of the main sectors requiring rapid test results, different negative test result proofs are required, such as parents’ signatures on students’ handbooks and present of negative test devices at schools. However, the following issues arise from such arrangements:

  • Students may forget to bring test devices to school
  • Hygiene issues when carrying a used test device to school
  • Inaccurate test results when the results are read outside from the time limit, or being affected by other materials while commuting
  • Some parents are not available to sign on students’ handbooks before going to school

Recently, a number of schools have used the INDICAID APP dedicated platform for corporates and required all their students and staff to use INDICAID APP to record their rapid tests results. Apart from saving the troubles above, schools now can monitor all students and staff results at once and export reports easily, so that they can take a more responsive action depending on the positive rate each day.

Set Up INDICAID APP Account – Manage Test Results of Your Family Easily

INDICAID APP is used together with INDICAID®INDICAID®COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test. Equipped with AI-enabled test results recording, the app allows you to manage and record your own test results easily.

設有相機記錄功能,同時配備AI 智能分析結果

Equipped with photo-taking function and AI-enabled test results recording


Easy to use with a preset 20 mins alarm, ensure you with an accurate result

一站式平台管理過往檢測紀錄 ,可以記錄自拍結果,生成個人記錄檔案並上傳分享

一站式平台管理過往檢測紀錄 ,可以記錄自拍結果,生成個人記錄檔案並上傳分享


Set up multiple profiles for all your family members, registered with 1 phone number, manage your family members’ results at once

Besides, INDICAID APP is especially applicable for persons tested positive. Infected persons can use INDICAID rapid test and INDICAID APP every day to record their test results every day, in order to better monitor the recovery process.

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