Many Hongkongers have already been used to using rapid test kits to monitor their infection status. What do you know about the steps after testing positive? What should you do while waiting for admission to isolation facilities after testing positive from testing centres? Check out all the things you need to know for these scenarios in this article.

Testing Positive with Rapid Test - Declaration Method and Isolation Arrangement

If your result with rapid antigen test is positive, please remain calm and report via the online platform “Declaration System for individuals tested positive for COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test”, or call 1836119 if you cannot log on. You might not consider being transferred to the Accident and Emergency Department if you have developed no or mild symptoms.

After successful submission, you will receive an SMS message in the following 24 hours. Please follow the link to upload supporting documents and download Isolation/Quarantine Orders. Please be reminded to complete the document upload and download within 24 hours after you have received the SMS message. You will not be able to log in again when the 24 hour period is lapsed. Please fill in the information carefully and review before submission. Any subsequent submission will not be handled.

快速抗原測試呈陽性 - 呈報方法
快速抗原測試呈陽性 - 隔離安排

Click here to watch the demo video of the declaration system

Tested Positive/Preliminary Positive by PCR Test

People with positive or preliminary positive COVID-19 nucleic acid test results will receive an SMS notification about the result, together with a request to fill in an electronic form (https://www.chp.gov.hk/cdpi) to submit information, including those on family members living in the same household. This is to facilitate the work of the Centre for Health Protection such as epidemiological investigation and arrangement of hospital admission, isolation and quarantine. People who receive the relevant SMS should check the personal information and information on testing in the SMS carefully and fill in the electronic form as soon as possible to provide accurate and complete information.

If Infected Persons Develop Symptoms While Waiting For Admission

Mild SymptomsSevere Symptoms
e.g. fever, cough, sore throat especially for those aged 70 or above, children aged 5 or below, pregnant woman at 28 or more weeks gestation, or in an immunosuppressive statee.g. persistent fever (>38.5°C) or hypothermia (≤35°C), convulsions, shortness of breath, loss of mobility or inability to stay awake, etc
You can contact the Hospital Authority hotline at 1836 115 for medical information and infection control advice (operate daily from 8am to 10pm), or use point-to-point transport / designated taxis to the below designated clinics for appropriate treatmentGo to an Accident and Emergency (A&E) facility directly

What You Should Know While Waiting For Admission

Infected persons with no or mild symptoms should stay calm while waiting for transfer to isolation facilities, observe your body condition and maintain personal and household hygiene.

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INDICAID Rapid Antigen Test

INDICAID 快速抗原測試是政府指定檢測品牌,已於各大醫院及機構使用,現為全港快速測試銷量No.1品牌,可以檢測變種病毒包括 Delta 及 Omicron,已經獲美國 FDA 緊急使用授權 (適用於無症狀人士)
  • HK Government designated brand
  • Widely adopted in hospitals and organizations
  • Hong Kong No.1 best selling rapid testing brand*
  • Able to detect virus variants (incld. Omicron)
  • Authorized by FDA EUA (applicable for asymptomatic individuals)

*Data from Watsons’s sales statistics (Jan-Dec 2021)