【Rapid Antigen Test】Entry And Testing Requirements Of Foreign Countries



Many Hongkongers have longed for restriction-free travels, especially after many countries loosening their entry requirements, coupled with the flight bans lift and relaxed isolation rules by the HK government from April onwards. Considering the increase in use of rapid antigen test (RAT) report as a more convenient means to border-crossing, we have gathered some testing requirements upon entry to different countries.

Entry Testing Requirements of Frequently Visited Countries (with RAT reports)

DestinationPersons Required to Obtain a Negative RAT Report Before ArrivalRAT Requirement
U.S.Travellers aged 2 years or older
Within 1 day before departure
SingaporeTravellers aged 3 years or olderWithin 2 days before departure
AustraliaTravellers aged 5 years or olderWithin 24 hours before departure
FranceUnvaccinated travellers aged 12 years or older Within 48 hours before departure
GermanyUnvaccinated travellers aged 12 years or older Within 48 hours before entry
ItalyUnvaccinated travellers aged 6 years or olderWithin 48 hours before entry

(Updated on Mar 30, 2022)

Apart from obtaining a negative test report for travel, you should check if there are other entry requirements, including the testing or isolation regulations after arrival, required proofs of vaccination for vaccinated travellers1and proofs of infection for recovered COVID-19 patients etc.

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Apart from RAT report, the countries listed above also accept PCR test; besides, some of the persons listed above can be granted an exemption upon meeting certain criteria, you are suggested to check the latest entry regulations of the destination before departure

Since the testing requirements for entry to each country/region may change, you should be aware of the latest entry regulations of the destination to ensure that valid testing method is selected

* INDICAID®INDICAID® COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test obtained U.S. FDA EUA in July 2021

** People aged 2 or above are eligible for the test. Swabbing should be performed by an adult for children aged 2 to 13


INDICAID lab can provide RAT reports on the spot within 30 minutes, and the test is suitable for all ages upon administration by our trained on-site medical professionals. INDICAID lab RAT reports are applicable for entry into 20+ countries/regions incl. U.S. and Europe2, you can now make your reservation online at our make your reservation online at our official website. If there is no testing time-slots available online, please feel free to contact our customer hotline at 3700 8888 for other arrangements.


1 Since the vaccination requirements for each country/region may differ, you should be aware of the latest vaccination requirements of the destination before departure

2 Destinations that accept our rapid antigen test reports include: United States, South Korea, Philippines, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Albania, Brazil, Bahamas, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama (Updated on June 1, 2022)