【COVID & Flu】Risk of Death from Co-Infection Increases by 6 Times This Year?



The United States has recorded more than 6 million flu infection cases so far this year, reaching a record-high hospitalization rate in more than 10 years. Facing COVID and flu all at once, what should be done if you’re infected? Is coinfection with COVID and flu viruses even possible? Is it way more deadly?

Different Treatments for COVID and Flu Viruses Infection

COVID-19 and flu A&B all share similar symptoms, incl. fever, chills, cough, cough, sore throat and runny nose etc. However, you should undergo different medical treatments for respective illness:

Infection with Flu A&B Viruses

Since flu has “disappeared” in the last couple of years, a lot of our youngsters have almost no antibody against the flu viruses. Hence, it is very possible that there will be many infections with serious illness or complications, and allowing high-risk individuals to get appropriate treatment in time is more important than ever:

  • Take adequate rest and drink plenty of water if there are mild symptoms
  • Seek medical advice promptly in case of serious or persistent symptoms
  • Take antibiotics prescribed by doctors if it is complicated by bacterial infection
  • High-risk groups for flu complications (incl. children, ages 50+ and chronically ill patients) should take antiviral medicines prescribed by doctors in the first 48 hours of flu-like symptoms to lower the risk of complications and deaths

Infection with SARS-CoV-2 Virus

  • Declare your positive results
  • Home isolation or enter isolation facilities if there are no or mild symptoms
  • Subscribe medications that alleviate symptoms incl. fever, coughing and runny nose etc.
  • Hospitalized for treatments in case of serious symptoms arise

Coinfection with COVID and Flu Viruses

Findings have suggested that a person coinfected with COVID and flu viruses are 6 times more prone to death than a normal person, and 2 times more than one having contracted COVID-19. Also, coinfection is 4 times more likely to cause severe illness and complications than being infected only with coronavirus.

Coinfection with COVID and flu virus is rare. If your rapid test results indicate that you’re contracting both viruses, you are recommended to retest with a new test kit and report your results to your healthcare provider.


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