【COVID-19 & Flu Strikes Again! 】Which 3-in-1 COVID-19/Flu Rapid Test is More Accurate?


【Differentiate COVID & Flu】Doctors suggest COVID/Flu A&B tests for accurate detection


Doctors are reminding the public to use rapid tests if they have symptoms, so they can access the right medication sooner

Flu and COVID-19 symptoms can be very similar. That’s why doctors are advising patients to take a 3-in-1 rapid test if they exhibit such symptoms. Available both at most clinics and pharmacies, these 3-in-1 rapid self-tests can help patients identify their infection status, which they can relay to their doctor to access better care for their condition.

But how can I choose the right 3-in-1 rapid test?

There are many different 3-in-1 rapid test options for COVID-19 & flu on the market, and it can be confusing. Here are a few tips when choosing your rapid test:

  • Reliability: Choose a reliable and reputable brand to ensure you’re getting the good product quality and test accuracy
  • If it’s testing the targeted type of viruses: Check if the test detects common respiratory viruses such as Influenza A (H1N1 & H3N2), Influenza B (Victoria and Yamagata), and COVID-19 (Omicron)
  • 準確性:選擇具高準確性(靈敏度及特異度)的快速測試。
  • Applicability to asymptomatic or mild symptoms patients: See if the rapid test has a low ‘Limit of Detection (LoD)’. A low LoD means that the test can be used by patients who are asymptomatic or exhibit mild symptoms. Whether the test can provide comparative study data report is also an important factor to consider.

The Limit of Detection or LoD of a rapid test essentially refers to the smallest amount of virus the test can detect from a sample.

檢測限 (LoD)數值較低,表示可以在病毒量較低時便可檢測出病毒。具有較低的檢測限 (LoD)代表能夠在感染初期(病毒量可能較低)就能夠識別陽性樣本,從而及早採取治療,減少併發症及傳播給他人的風險。

檢測限 (LoD)數值較高,表示在病毒量較高時才可檢測出病毒。具有較高的檢測限 (LoD)代表需要較多的病毒量才能夠識別陽性樣本,有機會未能及早採取治療,錯過治療的最佳時間。

According to the  comparative study data report,  顯示, INDICAID™妥析™新冠病毒/甲型及⼄型流感快速抗原測試的檢測限低於為市場上其他品牌的4倍*,所以較其他品牌在感染較初期就能測出陽性結果,能夠更早開始適當的治療。

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Table header 0新冠病毒甲型流感
Rapid COVID-19/FLU A&B Test

COVID-19/FLU A&B Rapid Antigen Test

Detect 3 viruses at once in 15 minutes. Provide you with accurate results for timely treatment.