New 0+3 Scheme for Overseas Arrivals! Check Out 4 Latest Arrangements


回港檢疫0+3登機只需快測 毋須酒店隔離 附4大最新檢疫安排

Hong Kong is implementing “0+3” scheme for inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan, lifting compulsory quarantine requirement and accepting self-arranged rapid antigen tests (RAT) result before returning to HK. Check out the 4 latest arrangements below.

Rapid Antigen Test + Online Health Declaration Prior to Boarding

  • Presentation of negative PCR test reports not required
  • Conduct a self-arranged RAT within 24 hours prior to departure (either self-administered or by professional swab sampling)
  • Complete the online Health & Quarantine Information Declaration, present the green health declaration QR code upon declaration at check-in for verification by airlines for boarding (QR code valid for 96 hours)
Declare Online
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Unvaccinated Residents Granted Entry to HK

  • Boarding requirement of having completed vaccination for Hong Kong residents is lifted
  • Non-Hong Kong residents aged 12 or above are required to be fully vaccinated or have obtained a medical exemption certificate before boarding a flight for Hong Kong

0+3 Scheme – Compulsory Quarantine Free

  • Inbound persons should undergo a PCR test at the HK airport by scanning the health declaration QR code. They can leave the airport after leaving their specimen for the test
  • There is no compulsory quarantine, but 3 days of medical surveillance subject to Amber Code restrictions, followed by 4 days of self-monitoring period, making it a 7-day observation period in total
  • Under Amber Code restrictions, they can conduct daily essential activities of lower risks, incl. taking public transport, going to work, entering supermarkets and markets etc, but not entering high-risk premises that involved mask-off or group activities
  • For those who are consecutively tested negative, medical surveillance and Amber Code restrictions on them will end at 9 am on Day 3 and then subject to a 4-day self-monitoring period (the day of arrival is Day 0)

Compulsory PCR & RAT Testing Arrangements in Hong Kong

  • Day 0: PCR test at the airport
  • Day 2: After obtaining a negative RAT result on respective days, they should undergo PCR tests at a community testing center / arrange a self-paid test by professional swab sampling at a local medical testing institution recognized by the government
  • Daily RATs from Day 1 to Day 7, negative result should be confirmed before leaving the place of residence (keep the photos of the RAT test results)
  • Those who are tested positive by PCR test / RATs, their Vaccine Pass will be converted to a Red Code, their isolation arrangements will be aligned with that for local cases
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