【Border Reopen】How to Apply for Health Code & PCR Test?

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What is HK Health Code?

In order to facilitate the boarder reopening between Hong Kong and mainland, Hong Kong Government has already launched “Hong Kong Health Code” for online registration for more than 2 weeks. By generating the Health Code with a valid negative PCR test result, one can enjoy quarantine-free travel between Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong. The below content will guide you through the process to apply for the Health Code and book a PCR test.

Apply for HK Health Code

1. Register a Real-Name HK Health Code Account

Register personal information such as name, identity document number and date of issue, contact telephone number, residential address, etc.


Download the app and allow it to submit your personal information to Guangdong province and relevant government departments, and upload your visit records saved inside your LeaveHomeSafe mobile app.

3. Receive PCR Test

Receive a PCR test at a government recognized testing institution.

4. Upload Test Result

Your choice of testing institution would upload your personal information and PCR test result to the HK Health Code system.

5. Show Valid HK Health Code Upon Departure

As soon as the exemption arrangement is launched, generate and display a valid Health Code from your mobile app when leaving HK, in order to enjoy quarantine-free travel. 

(For more details of HK Health Code, please refer to the government’s latest announcement)

INDICAID labTM PCR Testing Service

INDICAID labTM Our PCR testing service provided by INDICAID labTM is suitable for people of all ages thanks to our dedicated medical team who are able to cautiously carry out tests for children under 2 years old. Reduced waiting time after online or phone reservation, together with quickly receiving the PCR test result report as fast as 6 hrs, we can satisfy you and your family’s needs! Apart from applying for HK Health Code, our PCR test result reports are also used for overseas travel or “Cruise-to-nowhere” testing documents, infection detection and proof for employers.