【Mainland Border Reopen】Health Code & Quarantine Guide [Updated on Sept 29]



Hong Kong plans to partially reopen borders with China to enable quarantine-free travel. Check out the latest updates on border reopening and the Mainland’s entry requirement and quarantine policies below.


  • Latest Updates on Hong Kong and Mainland Border Reopening
  • Mainland China Entry Requirements
  • Shenzhen "7+3" Quarantine Policy
  • Return2hk / Come2hk
  • Apply for Hong Kong Health Code

Latest Updates on Hong Kong and Mainland Border Reopening

Here are some tentative arrangements for the border reopening:

Date of Border Reopening: To be confirmed

Criteria for Entry – Travellers from HK to the Mainland should provide:

  • "Green" Hong Kong Health Code
  • Negative PCR test report for travel
  • Vaccination record
  • Confirmation of quota for entry

Quota for Entry: To be confirmed

Mainland China Entry Requirements

Requirements for travelling to the Mainland by land

From March 21, for persons travelling to the Mainland by land must hold a negative PCR test report for travel issued by a recognized medical testing institution, with specimen collected within 48 hours before immigration clearance, and must undergo a free additional PCR test at the control points prior to their departure from Hong Kong. After obtaining a reservation at a Shenzhen quarantine hotel, travellers should reserve a time slot through the online booking system for receiving the special PCR test on the day of departure (can book up to coming seven days).

Special PCR Online Booking System

The free PCR test at the relevant control points is provided from 1 hour before the opening and 1 hour after the closure of the passenger clearance buildings. The process will take about 1 to 2 hours, passengers should check the latest opening hours of the control points and allow ample time to complete the immigration clearance after doing undergoing an on-site PCR test.

INDICAID lab Hong Kong Testing Center – PCR test report in 6 hours!

中環 INDICAID lab 私家核酸檢測 獲取即日檢測結果

The PCR testing service from our Central’s INDICAID lab is applicable for all ages (incl. toddlers under age of 2); no queuing is needed after simple online booking. Our PCR test reports are recognized by the Guangdong and Hong Kong government and can be provided in as fast as 6 hours after specimen collection.  

Book now →

Entry Procedure to Guangdong

  • Reserve your immigration quota and quarantine room online through the “Online Health Station Room Reservation System” (allow booking for up to 7 days with 2,000 daily quota), to obtain a "green" QR code (screenshot the code for record)
  • Login “Customs Pocket Declaration” through WeChat and make health declaration to obtain a "black" QR code (screenshot the code for record)
  • Obtain a negative PCR test report for travel recognized by the Guangdong & Hong Kong government with specimen collected within 24 hours before immigration clearance
  • Scan “LeaveHomeSafe” in HK customs
  • Fill out relevant documents and show the obtained "green" and "black" QR codes at Shenzhen Immigration Customs
  • After customs clearance, wait for the designated bus to your allocated room for quarantine
Reserve Your Room Via “Online Health Station Room Reservation System”Book Your PCR Test at Recognized Testing Centers

Shenzhen "7+3" Quarantine Policy

The quarantine policy upon entry to Guangdong is relaxed to “7+3”, a 7-day medical observation at the designated Health Station Room, followed by a 3-day self-monitoring at home. 

Since the quarantine and entry policies of different provinces may vary, travellers should check the most updated information through the “State Council Portal WeChat Mini Program” or contact relevant government departments in Macao and other Mainland cities for the latest quarantine arrangement.

Shenzhen Quarantine Hotel – “Online Health Station Room Reservation System”

All travellers should reserve your quarantine room online through the “Online Health Station Room Reservation System”, all rooms are randomly allocated.

System Operational Hours: 9am-6pm every day

Result Announcement: 8pm every night

Shenzhen Home Quarantine Criteria

  • Living alone in the Shenzhen residence;
  • Family members from the same Shenzhen residence agree to undergo home quarantine together (leaving the residence is prohibited), while they are not required to do PCR tests;
  • Family members from the same Shenzhen residence agree to temporarily move out during the period

Return2hk / Come2hk

From 26 September 2022 onwards, all inbound persons from the Mainland or Macao (no travel history of overseas places or Taiwan the 7 days prior to arrival), whether they are entering Hong Kong via a land boundary control point or the Hong Kong International Airport, are not required for entry quota application, pre-arrival PCR test and home quarantine. However, they should complete electronic health declaration, more details are as follows:

COVID Test HK for Travel & Arrangement for Returning to Hong Kong

Entry requirements
No pre-arrival PCR test required
Required DocumentsComplete electronic health declaration and obtain a Green health declaration QR code
Post-Arrival Testing RequirementsSelf-monitoring for 3 days;
Undergo PCR test on day 2 of arrival at Hong Kong (the day of arrival is regarded as day 0)

Department of Health’s electronic health declaration

Boundary control points (entry quota not required)

  • Shenzhen Bay Control Point: From 9am to 8pm daily
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port (Passenger immigration clearance service): From 10am to 8pm daily
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port (Clearance service for private cars): From 6am to 10pm daily
  • Hong Kong International Airport: 24-hour


Not required

Hong Kong Health Code

“Hong Kong Health Code” is an online system to facilitate quarantine-free travel and health declaration upon entry to Guangdong or Macao.

Apply for Hong Kong Health Code

1. Account Registration

Input personal details incl. name, ID document number, phone number and proof of HK residential address.

2. Account Activation

Access www.healthcode.gov.hk and choose “Logon” to input ID number and login password, and then input the PIN received earlier.

3. Upload Visit Records with “LeaveHomeSafe”

Update & launch “LeaveHomeSafe” and choose “Hong Kong Health Code” System, upload your visit records and input your login details.

4. View the “HK Health Code” Application Result

Access www.healthcode.gov.hk again and choose “Health Declaration and Application for Health Code”, declare your health status in the past 14 days and view the result.

Apply for the HK Health Code Now

Meaning of Different HK Health Code Colours

HK Health Code of different colours are generated upon upload of your visit records of past 14 days:

Colour of CodeIndicationBorder Permit
Confirmed cases
Probable cases
Close contacts
Household contacts of close contacts
Recovered COVID-19 patients who were discharged from hospital less than 14 days ago
Persons who are currently under compulsory quarantine
Persons who have shown symptoms in the past 14 days
Not allowed
YellowPersons who have visited or resided in high-risk in the past 21 days
Persons who have arrived at Hong Kong in less than 21 days (except for those who entered Hong Kong from the Mainland or Macao under the "Return2hk" or "Come2hk" Schemes)
Not allowed
GreenThe rest will be issued with the Green Code
(only valid up to 11:59pm on the day of application)