Latest Updates on Public Hospitals Visiting Arrangement



New visiting arrangement for public hospitals was effective on Aug 1! Check out all the testing and vaccination requirements for different visitors below.

Special Visiting Arrangement for Public Hospitals

Special visiting arrangement is only applicable to patients admitted for more than 1 week in acute/specialist hospitals/wards/units or child and adolescent psychiatric patients aged below 18 and have been transferred out of observation area. Visiting procedures are as follows:

  • Hospital staff will contact patients’ family members to schedule the visits (family members are not required to call the hospitals for booking)
  • Each patient will be arranged around 1 to 2 visit(s) by 1 registered visitor per week. Duration of each visit is 1 hour
  • Visitors are required to provide relevant information incl. full names, phone numbers
  • Visitors are required to comply with vaccination and testing requirements prior to visit

*Special visiting arrangement is not applicable to intensive care units, infectious disease/isolation wards, other psychiatric wards and wards/cubicles admitting COVID-19 patients

All Non-Acute Hospitals/Wards/Units Resuming Special Visiting Arrangement

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Visitors

  • Fulfil the vaccination requirement of Vaccine Pass
  • Visitors recovered from COVID-19 are exempted from the vaccination requirement for 180 days after the day of recovery if they could provide relevant proof of infection and recovery
  • Unvaccinated visitors with an Exemption Certificate issued by a doctor are allowed entry to if they fulfil the testing requirements

COVID-19 Testing Requirement for Visitors

From Aug 1, all visitors (incl. those who are recovered) are required to comply with the following requirements before entry into public hospitals:

  • Negative PCR test result obtained within 48 hours before the visit (combined nasal & throat swabs)
  • Fill in the electronic health declaration form before the visit and show the QR code generated by the system to the ward staff (visit the HA website or download “HA GO” mobile app to fill in the form)
  • Eating/drinking and feeding should be prohibited during visit
  • Stay near the patient’s bed area during visit, walking around the ward are prohibited
  • After visiting, visitors may schedule the next visit with ward staff
Fill In the Health Declaration Form

The testing requirements also apply to compassionate visits under specific circumstances.

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COVID-19 Testing Requirement for Other Visitors

In case of emergency, if the visitor cannot arrange testing in advance, a RAT must be performed, and the test result must be provided right after the visit. In addition, a negative PCR test result needs to be submitted within two days after the visit.

People NOT permitted for hospital visit include those:

  • Who have fever, cough, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, runny nose, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, rash or conjunctivitis;
  • Who are under quarantine order;
  • Who are currently required to undergo “Compulsory Testing” and pending result;
  • Visited specific places without completing the compulsory quarantine and compulsory testing requirements;
  • Who have been in contact with confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days or under medical surveillance;
  • Children under 12 and pregnant women