【Return to HK】Complete Boarding, Quarantine Guide in HK [Updated on July 8]



Travellers should beware of the latest boarding and quarantine arrangements from Hong Kong before travelling, including reserving your rooms in a quarantine hotel and undergoing a PCR test at your country of departure. Different regulations are applied to persons arriving in Hong Kong based on their countries of departure (China and Macao, Taiwan or overseas places), and their vaccination status. Check out all the latest arrangements below.

All Boarding and Quarantine Arrangements in Hong Kong

登機前14日曾在海外地區逗留的人士(已完成疫苗接種)須於登機時出示預定起飛時間前48小時內採樣的核酸陰性檢測報告(只適用於3歲或以上人士)、指定檢疫酒店7或14晚預訂確認書及疫苗接種紀錄;並於指定檢疫酒店強制檢疫14天(符合條件人士可於7天後提早完成強制檢疫,並於其後7 天自行監察)。期間須每天進行快速抗原測試,抵港後第3天接受核酸檢測。如果選擇提早完成強制檢疫,須於第5天核酸檢測及第6及7天快速抗原測試結果為陰性,可提前完成檢疫,其後7天自行監察,再於第9及12天自行到社區檢測中心/流動採樣站/政府認可本地醫療檢測機構進行核酸檢測
登機前14日只曾在台灣逗留的人士(已完成疫苗接種)須於登機時出示預定起飛時間前48小時內採樣的核酸陰性檢測報告(只適用於3歲或以上人士)、指定檢疫酒店7或14晚預訂確認書及疫苗接種紀錄;並於指定檢疫酒店強制檢疫14天(符合條件人士可於7天後提早完成強制檢疫,並於其後7 天自行監察)。期間須每天進行快速抗原測試,抵港後第3天接受核酸檢測。如果選擇提早完成強制檢疫,須於第5天核酸檢測及第6及7天快速抗原測試結果為陰性,可提前完成檢疫,其後7天自行監察,再於第9及12天自行到社區檢測中心/流動採樣站/政府認可本地醫療檢測機構進行核酸檢測

Book Your PCR Test at INDICAID lab (also applicable during quarantine)

預約 INDICAID lab 中環私家檢測中心核酸檢測 (強制檢疫期間適用)

INDICAID lab Hong Kong Testing Center provides government recognized PCR test report at 6pm on the day of test (for swabbing before noon). INDICAID lab is now offering PCR tests also for persons under compulsory quarantine including:

  • Arriving from Mainland/Macao: PCR on the 5th and 12th days
  • Arriving from Taiwan: PCR on the 9th and 12th days
  • Arriving from overseas places: PCR on the 9th and 12th days
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More information on arriving in HK from Taiwan or overseas places

Hong Kong government has published the latest arrangements for persons entering Hong Kong from overseas places and Taiwan due to the recent epidemic situation:

  • Travellers are only required to present when boarding the negative PCR test result conducted within 48 hours (ISO accreditation proof or recognition by government authority not required)
  • Pre-departure PCR test not required for children aged below 3 and travellers transferring / transiting in HK
  • Recovered persons previously infected can board a flight for HK with documentary proof showing infection within 14-90 days prior to boarding and have recovered, and the negative RAT results within 24 hours
  • Children aged 11 or below who are not fully vaccinated can be accompanied by fully vaccinated persons with a vaccination record to board for HK (also subject to compulsory quarantine and testing)
HK Gov - Points to Note for Quarantine for Inbound Travellers